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Kirk Scuba Gear’s travel page contains articles about scuba diver’s underwater adventures from all corners of the world. Along with these articles, we will be offering some scuba travel deals in the upcoming future. Stay tuned!

The Best Places to Dive in February

Liveaboard diving in February offers special highlights all over the world, especially for shark-lovers. In the Caribbean region, the Bahamas is known as one of the best countries to dive with sharks. The entire archipelago of 700 islands is a shark sanctuary,

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WAOW Liveaboard Sinks

The MSY WAOW, a popular and beautiful Indonesian liveaboard vessel, will no longer be operating as she sank during a storm in Biak Harbour on 31st January 2018. There was no loss of life or physical injury. It is reported there

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Where to Cage Dive with Sharks

Great white sharks are an impressive shark to dive with. There is nothing quite like the first moment one of these sharks approaches a diver and they see first-hand how immense and barrel-shaped the sharks are. As a former great

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Kirk Scuba Gear and LiveAboard.com

Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to be associated with LiveAboard.com LiveAboard.com makes it easy for divers to book liveaboard diving holidays worldwide. Popular scuba destinations are Maldives and Ari Atoll, Thailand and the Similan Islands, Indonesia with Raja Ampat and Komodo, Australia and the Great

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New contributing travel writer for Kirk Scuba Gear

Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to announce the edition of Kathryn Curzon, as a contributing travel writer for us.  Kathryn is a diver and writer for Liveaboard.com. She has a huge passion for diving with sharks, is a dive instructor, used to work with

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Top 15 Wreck Dives in The World – Part 2

Part 1:::Part 2:: 5. HMHS Britannic 4. U.S.N.S. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg 3. USS Oriskany 2 . Scapa Flow 1 . Andrea Doria  

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Top 15 Wreck Dives in The World – Part 1

Part 1:::Part 2 coming::: Thank you so much for watching the Top 10 Wreck dives in the world, here is the list:: 10. Shipwrecks graveyard of the atlantic 9. The Bianca C "The Titanic of the Caribean" 8. Jake Seaplane

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Something For Everyone In The Red Sea This August

Escape for some amazing sun and sea in Egypt this August by joining our “Something for Everyone” trip onboard our very own MV Legends Technical Safari Boat. Dates: 5th August to 12th August 2017.  See some of the best dive

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Which sunscreens are safe for sea life?

Its all a minefield trying to buy a sunscreen which doesn’t harm the sea life. Even those trumpeting their green credentials are not always free from harmful chemicals and components. You have to read the label very carefully. So what are

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Last minute dates for Dr. Elke Bojanowski’s ‘Project Shark: Maldives’

Republished with permission from The Scuba News Award-winning diving tour operator, blue o two, are excited to announce last minute dates for early 2017, for ‘Project Shark’ trips in the Maldives, hosted by the founder of the Red Sea Sharks

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