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Kirk Scuba Gear’s travel page contains articles about scuba diver’s underwater adventures from all corners of the world. Along with these articles, we will be offering some scuba travel deals in the upcoming future. Stay tuned!

Best Destinations for Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is fascinating and provides unique opportunities to delve into human history whilst enjoying exceptional marine life. There are shipwrecks in shallow and deep waters for all divers to enjoy at top shipwreck destinations around the globe. One of

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Legends Red Sea Teaching Week

Legends Red Sea Teaching Week Date Arrival / Departure Date - 24.11.2018 - 01.12.2018 Calling all diving instructors. Are you looking for the perfect location to teach Advanced Recreational Courses or Technical Diving Courses? Would you like the support of

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Best Places to Dive in May

The seasons are beginning to change around the world in May and bring favourable dive conditions for some of the best destinations in the world. It is a great month for visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and enjoying

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Best Places to dive in April

There are some great dive highlights to enjoy during April, including making the most of the Maldives before the wet season begins. It is also a good time to explore the Red Sea before air temperatures become too hot. The

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“Mixed Depth, Mixed Gas” Safari This May with Tekdeep Egypt and MV Legends

Are you a mixed gas diver? Do you like to dive depths beyond the standard recreational limits? Do you love the Red Sea?  If you can answer yes to these 3 questions, we have the perfect safari for you! Join Tekdeep

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Aggressor Fleet Deals

The Aggressor Fleet is one of the household names in diving and has a great Spring promotion, offering up to $1500 off selected itineraries. Don’t miss out! The Aggressor Fleet offers luxurious liveaboards to more than 30 destinations around the

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Best Places to Dive in March

March is a great month for shark diving, both in the northern and southern hemisphere. The Ningaloo Reef UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Western Australia, has 300 to 500 whale sharks visiting each year. March marks the beginning of the

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The Best Places to Dive in February

Liveaboard diving in February offers special highlights all over the world, especially for shark-lovers. In the Caribbean region, the Bahamas is known as one of the best countries to dive with sharks. The entire archipelago of 700 islands is a shark sanctuary,

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WAOW Liveaboard Sinks

The MSY WAOW, a popular and beautiful Indonesian liveaboard vessel, will no longer be operating as she sank during a storm in Biak Harbour on 31st January 2018. There was no loss of life or physical injury. It is reported there

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Where to Cage Dive with Sharks

Great white sharks are an impressive shark to dive with. There is nothing quite like the first moment one of these sharks approaches a diver and they see first-hand how immense and barrel-shaped the sharks are. As a former great

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