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1.5lb/3lb Grapnel Anchor, Kayaks and Canoes, YakGear


1.5lb/3lb grapnel anchor with four folding 3.5″ times for easy storage

  • Rock Rig and Add a Rope capabilities sold seperately
  • Lengths of anchor rope sold separately

Product Description

1.5lb/3lb Grapnel Anchor, Kayaks and Canoes, YakGear

Catch the big fish while anchored with the little anchor with the Yak Gear 1.5lb (.7kg) Grapnel Anchor.  This 1.5lb/3lb (.7 kg) galvanized steel anchor features four 3.5-inch tines that fold out of the way while stored for space maximization and release when ready for use.  While it may seem too small, the use of a 1.5lb/3lb anchor is a more than adequate weight for kayaks and canoes in rivers, lakes, and slower moving water.  Rock Rig” and “Add a Rope capabilities are recommended, but not included.   For a complete grapnel anchor kit, please see the complete Yak Gear 1.5lb Anchor Kit.

Please note::these anchors are very inexpensive to ship!!! For both Canadian and American customers, the shipping price will be higher at check-out than the actual shipping cost Kirk Scuba Gear pays….no worries you will receive a refund for part of your shipping cost when your order is processed. Thank you!

Manufacturers Warranty from Yak Gear

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Options :: Size and Price

1.5 pound anchor $9.99, 3 pound anchor $13.99


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