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YakGear ClickNGo Leash


The versatility standard has met its match with the YakGear ClickNGo Leash.  The double braided, 60-inch leash serves as a front/rear tie down assist strap, anchor cushion leash, and tow rope in three different parts of your adventure.

Product Description

YakGear ClickNGo Leash


Anchored on each end by two 3-1/4 inch carabiners and stretching up to 80 inches, the leash provides the perfect combination of length, flexibility, and strength.  Whether the need is to secure your boat during transportation, ease the pressures of waves or wakes in the anchored position, tether your kayak to docks/other kayaks, or making short-distance tows, do not be caught without this version of the paddler’s ultimate safety net. The ClickNGo Leash does not replace the need for middle tie down webbing straps when traveling.

  • Multi-use, 60″ nylon braided leash
  • Made from 1/4″ nylon bungee
  • Two carabiners included
  • One leash included

Manufacturers Warranty from my supplier

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