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15 Worst-Case Scenarios for Scuba Divers

Most divers are cautious and attentive in the way they prepare for and conduct themselves while diving. They know the rules and limits, they check their equipment over carefully, and they don't push the limits too far or too often.

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Recognition is Essential

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop 20 June 2014 Reprinted from AlertDiverOnline The Diver The diver was an experienced 48-year-old female with more than 300 lifetime dives. Her medical history included hypertension that was well controlled with a single medication. She

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Lessons For Life: Pride Can Be Deadly

Originally published @ kirkscubagear's Scuba Scoop 8 September 2013   Ray was fairly new to diving, but he loved the gear. He loved to have the best equipment, loved to look at it, handle it and show it off. It

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Scuba Diving Lessons for Life: Is Getting a Catch Worth Your Life?

Thanks Eric Douglas from Scuba Diving Offshore oil rigs serve as way stations for big fish, which stop and hang out around the massive structures. Roy and his buddies knew this and made regular trips to nearby oil rigs to

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