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What not to do when you learn to scuba dive?

Scuba Diving is an underwater recreational sport that has gained immense popularity of late. The dive enthusiasts spend most of their time in expectation of a quality dive; however, they lose out on the basics that are important for a

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5 Ways I Judge My Divers Before They Ever Hit the Water (Forgive Me)

Couple on deck with scuba equipment Dive guides sometimes have a tricky job. They often have to pull together a group of divers with different interests and experience levels and create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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True Tales of the Free Pool Demo

Scuba Pool Class I began my career as a scuba instructor at a monstrously large all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya. Teaching vacationers to dive in the warm Caribbean water seemed like a dream come true. There was

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4 Beginner Tips for Good Scuba Diving Etiquette

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop 13 January 2014 Scuba Diving Etiquette No matter what type of hobby you may have and what extracurricular activities you participate in on your free time, every activity has a certain set of rules that

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