Common Mistake: My Scuba Regulator Does Not Supply Enough Air

Technology has advanced a lot for scuba divers and the equipment they use in the last fifty-years. There has been more improvements in the equipment from twenty years ago versus the last ten years. When some scuba divers go a

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Balanced vs Unbalanced – Regulator Basics for Beginners 101

One of the most commonly mentioned regulator terms is "balanced." This term is often misunderstood and sometimes misused by salesmen, so this article will hopefully clear things up. Take a deep breath (no pun intended) and I’ll explain exactly what

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Can You Vomit Underwater While Scuba Diving?

At some point during nearly every open water course, one of my students timidly raises a hand and asks, half embarrassed, half laughing, “What happens if I need to throw up underwater?” My answer is that almost anything a person

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Review::::Regulator Mares Abyss 52

Originally published @ kirkscubagear's Scuba Scoop 8 January 2013 SWITCHING TO THE MARES ABYSS from another regulator during a long diving trip was like becoming reacquainted with an old friend. Mares Abyss 52 Regulator aavailable @ Kirk Scuba Gear

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The Importance of O-Rings on SCUBA Tanks

O-Rings Originally published @ kirkscubagear's Scuba Scoop 3 August 2012 O-rings are small mechanical gaskets shaped like the letter “O,” which are commonly used to form seals between two joining parts. O-rings play an important role in the

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How To Wash Your Scuba Gear

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop August 8, 2010 Shorty wetsuit hainging to dry Taking good care of expensive scuba gear is a very important trait that a scuba diver must get accustomed to. An exceptional part of this

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