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True Stories of Underwater Ghosts

We’ve all heard of ghosts haunting crumbling mansions or creepy forests, but tales of sunken spirits are far less common. With that in mind, here are a few spooky stories that might make you think twice about taking a dip

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Why Are Some Divers So Obsessed With Wreck Diving?

There's a reason so many divers are obsessed with wreck diving! Shipwrecks are mysterious and exciting, and encountering one on the ocean floor lends a diver an almost indefinable sense of discovery. Shipwrecks can be beautiful and horrifying at the same

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How its made:::Scuba Tanks/Cylinders

A diving cylinder, scuba tank or diving tank is a gas cylinder used to store and transport the high pressure breathing gas required by a scuba set. It may also be used for surface-supplied diving or as decompression gas or

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Is Scuba Diving with Sharks Dangerous?

The short answer is no. Sharks are amazing and powerful animals. Although sharks are carnivorous, they do not preferentially prey on scuba divers, or even humans in general. Sharks do attack humans, but such attacks are extremely rare. Since 2000

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St. Clair River Dive The Adventure

TheRyanandKelly's channel::: This dive took place in the St. Clair River between Port Huron and Algonac, Michigan. In this video you will see outboard motors salvaged, the wreckage of the ship Erin that sunk in 1906, the ship William Dickinson

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1-Day Scuba Diving Courses

The Discover Scuba Diving Course Can Be Counted Towards Open Water Certification. Will you feel claustrophobic underwater?  Will scuba diving hurt your ears?  Will you even like diving?  If you're interested in learning to scuba dive, but you're not ready

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Scuba Diving in Tobermory – Historic Shipwrecks in Clear Water

Shipwrecks invoke a sense of nostalgia. After my wreck dives in Tobermory, Canada, I stood on the deck of the dive boat and watched the rocky, pine-covered shoreline fly past. The captains of the sunken vessels I had just visited

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The world’s top 5 weirdest destinations for scuba diving holidays

As revealed in a recent online article published by CNN online, (2011) some of the world's weirdest and rarest destinations for unique scuba diving adventures have been identified and summarized in a list of the top five. For those looking

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The Golden Rule of Scuba Diving

Any Diver Can End the Dive for Any Reason I was guiding a cave dive in Chan Hol Cenote when one of the divers signaled rapidly with his light - emergency! What could be wrong? Before the dive we had

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Cuba: A Great Place To Go Scuba Diving

Diving in Cuba Until a little over a year ago I could have never imagined I would become a scuba dive addict… Diving was something my husband Frank had dreamed about for years, but truth to tell, the

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