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Are Hose Protectors Necessary or a Risk?

So in this short blog, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions around hose protectors. I am going to start with why we have these, then go on to how you can cope without them and finishing off with

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A Starter Guide On Scuba Gear Cleaning And Maintenance

Article by Joe Crivello  Scuba diving is a blast, but it's also one of the world's most gear-intensive pastimes once you get serious about it. In order to get the most out of all those wonderful bits of gear you

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5 Ways I Judge My Divers Before They Ever Hit the Water (Forgive Me)

Couple on deck with scuba equipment Dive guides sometimes have a tricky job. They often have to pull together a group of divers with different interests and experience levels and create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Scuba Tip: Preventing Blisters on Your Feet and Ankles When Scuba Diving

Blistered Heels I get some strange looks when I unpack my gear bag. I pull out my regulators, my fins, my wetsuit, and two rather disgusting white athletic socks. The have turned grayish, and they don't smell too

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Dive Gear Reviews: Who Can You Trust?

Originally published @ kirkscubagear's Scuba Scoop 02 February 2014 Scuba equipment is an expensive investment, so each item of gear should be carefully and thoroughly researched prior to purchase. That raises the question of what the best sources for dive

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Reliving Sea Hunt with vintage diving gear

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop 14 January 2014 For Bryan Pennington, scuba diving with vintage gear wraps up childhood memories, history, freedom, ease of movement and simplicity, all in one package. “For many of us who grew up watching Jacques

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Scuba Diving or Snorkeling – What’s Right for You?

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop 23 October 2011 Let's look at the basic differences between scuba diving and snorkeling so you can make the best informed decision about which to choose. There are differences in physical fitness ability, training, and equipment,

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How To Wash Your Scuba Gear

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop August 8, 2010 Shorty wetsuit hainging to dry Taking good care of expensive scuba gear is a very important trait that a scuba diver must get accustomed to. An exceptional part of this

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