What I Learned From Near Tragedy

Diver and Anchor Line Diving in the waters of the Marianas Islands is a true gift.  The water is warm, clear, and full of life.  Guam is an island located in the Marianas and it represents the top

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What Do You Wear Under Your Wetsuit?

Speedo "I absolutely will not wear a Speedo . . . ever." proclaimed a newly hired instructor at the dive resort. He was staring aghast at the bevy of tanned, attractive, veteran instructors prancing around with their goods

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Sea Urchins- Some Sea Urchins Have Venomous Spines

Sea Urchins Don’t worry, a rabid sea urchin is not going to leap off the reef and fling spines at you. Sea urchins are non-aggressive and relatively slow-moving. Still, sea urchin injuries are not unusual. Divers can easily

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The Impacts Of Scuba Diving On Teeth

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop 26 April 2011 The teeth and mouth are impacted when underwater on a scuba dive. These problems need to be addressed for enjoyable and safe scuba diving. For scuba divers, problems can occur with dentures,

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