//Control room of UB-110, German submarine

Control room of UB-110, German submarine

There have been several movies about German submarines and how they looked back in the day, but here is an actual picture taken from 1918.

SM UB-110 was one of Germany’s infamous U-boats. It was commissioned into the Imperial Navy on March 23rd, 1918. Its tour of duty was short.

The SM UB-110 was depth charged, rammed and sunk by the HMS Garry on July 19th, 1918 while under the command of Kapitänleutnant Werner Furbringer. The SM UB-110 was one of the last U-boats to be sunk during the War, and possibly the very last one.

According to Furbringer, the Garry opened fire on the surviving, unarmed crew of his ship after it was sunk. 23 men were killed in the sinking and alleged aftermath.

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