//Dive Computers For Scuba Diving Newbies

Dive Computers For Scuba Diving Newbies

Did you just get certified as an open water diver or now planning to dive recreational depths on your own? That’s a good agenda for a budding recreational diving career. But before you get into the diving boat or onboard a liveaboard cruiser and conquer over a hundred feet of sea water, check if you’ve been properly outfitted with the scuba equipment and scuba gear to keep you warm, enhance your propulsion and movement, while averting you from the risks of decompression sickness or the bends.

Getting the appropriate wetsuit, buoyancy compensator device, regulators and cylinder tanks are bare essentials to comfort and protection in the midst of a scuba diving activity. But next to configuring the right components (regulator set, cylinder tank and Air or Nitrox mixtures) to an open circuit breathing apparatus, the scuba diver will also have to pay particular attention to decompression parameters in order to avert severe conditions such as the bends and Nitrogen narcosis. Adhering to the No Decompression Limits (NDL) or No Stop Times generated from dive tables or decompression tables increases a diver’s safety margin against related health risks. Lingering only at NDL zones for a particular period of time dispenses the need for decompression stops upon ascent, except for the recommended 10 minute safety stop as the diver approaches 15 feet below the surface.

Non-divers and even neophyte divers would think of this as an easy procedure. But then the scenario depicted by the decompression table only takes into consideration a square dive and does not factor in the eventualities that could dissuade the diver from the upkeep of set depth and time parameters. Thus, to increase your safety margin, you will have to rely on a decompression scuba equipment that conforms to the varying conditions and circumstances that may arise in the course of the dive. That is likely descriptive of a dive computer.

The dive computer is a piece of programmable scuba equipment that efficiently resolves the intricacy of utilizing different dive tables for varying dive profiles and the perceived limitations of a square dive. Utilizing a dive computer on initial, independent dives increases the margin of safety for neophyte divers who are still in the process of mastering the uptake of decompression parameters and safety nets during an open water dive. The varied functionalities of the programmable device which includes the set-off of visual and auditory decompression alerts, depth and time monitor, automatic activation features and ascent rate monitor among others will surely help make a newbie scuba diver’s adventure more efficient, safe and comfortable.

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    Without scuba diving equipment we are taking our life into risk and we cannot enjoy the diving experience fully.
    The above mentioned equipment are very useful and it will protect us from different kind of factors.
    Very nice content.
    Awesome Blog

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