//New from Kirk Scuba Gear :: GloRope Neon Orange Hybrid

New from Kirk Scuba Gear :: GloRope Neon Orange Hybrid

This innovative water rescue rope is unique to Kirk Scuba Gear since it is buoyant and does not absorb water.

Our glow-in-the-dark static nylon ropes are not only useful for rescue and descending, but they may also enhance a variety of sports and recreational activities at night. Safety is about designing systems that, if one fails, have a backup plan in place to prevent an accident. This is why our rope was created and tested in the most extreme situations, providing you with the finest line of defense in a dangerous and unpredictable situation.

About GloRope

We want to shift people’s perceptions about navigating leisure and labor-intensive tasks in the dark. As a result, we’re happy to provide the most long-lasting, safe, and brilliant battery-free light sources available. Our sophisticated photo-luminescent technology allows us to offer a diverse range of high-quality goods that are built to last, require little maintenance, are simple to charge, and stay bright for up to 8 hours.

While we specialize in safety, leisure, and boating products, our ultimate goal is to make whatever task you’re doing safer and more enjoyable. Whether you’re going on a night trip with your pets, spending the weekend on the water, camping with your pals, or working in dimly lit areas, having a good flashlight is essential.

Scott, the company’s owner and CEO, served in the Royal Canadian Navy for 25 years, including service in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Because he spent so much of his career in high-risk circumstances, safety goods and procedures became second nature to him. This is why Scott is driven by a desire to deliver extraordinary, cutting-edge, and cutting-edge glow in the dark products that will transform your nighttime experiences from perilous to brilliant.

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