//Top 10 Advanced Snorkeling Tips

Top 10 Advanced Snorkeling Tips

Curiosity drives people to explore unknown fields. From Age of Discovery, people never stop their paces to conquer and discover. Snorkeling is an easier way to observe and explore the ocean. Snorkeling requires little professional techniques. Everyone is capacity of snorkeling, even you don’t know how to swim. How could you perfect your first snorkeling? What preparations should you make before you go snorkeling? Here are top 10 snorkeling tips and tricks you can’t miss.

Top 1: Choose the right snorkel mask

A fit snorkel mask is the first step to go snorkeling. You may have noticed that there are two kind snorkel masks in the market: traditional snorkel mask and full face snorkel mask.

Traditional snorkel mask has two parts: snorkel tube and the mask. The mask covers the eyes and nose. The snorkel tube comes with the mouthpiece for breathing. Traditional snorkel mask allows you to snorkel surface and deeper. It’s more suitable for some experienced snorkelers.

Full face snorkel mask allows you to breathe through mouth and nose, which is quite easy for beginners and non-swimmers to master. Snorkelers have more visual enjoyment thanks to the 180-degree panoramic view design. Choose the sizes and shapes whichever fits you best.

Top 2: Wear fins and vest

Do not forget to wear your fins and vest. A pair of suitable fins will offer you tons of swimming force and help you snorkel easier with less energy. Most professional snorkelers also wear fins to help them to snorkel better. The fins also have protection function. It’s better to choose slight bigger fins that are easy to wear on, and fins could shrink a little in the cold water. Besides, it’s remarkably beautiful to photo within fins.

It’s strongly suggested that beginners, non-swimmers, children and the senior wear vests, which helps float surface. The vest’s bright color helps locate you in an emergency. The bright vests help other water-crafts locate you in order to avoid some unnecessary injuries.

Top 3: Practice first

No matter you choose a traditional snorkel mask or a full face snorkel mask, practice first if you can. If you decide to buy your own snorkel gear, please get them ahead of your vacation. You can practice snorkeling first at swimming pool, which let you get familiar with your snorkel gear. And you have time to change if they do not fit well. If you rent a snorkel gear on local, pick a shallow beach to practice first. Make sure everything goes well, and start your snorkeling. No-swimmers might fear water in some ways, so conquer the fear about water by practicing a bit.

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