//What is a bridge camera?

What is a bridge camera?

These cameras are also known as Ultra Zoom or Super Zoom cameras. These cameras bridge the gap between DSLR’s and compact cameras. They usually feature fully manual controls, a large, fixed, lens and are built sturdy, slightly resembling a DSLR. Many divers purchase one of these cameras, or already have one when starting in diving, as they are much cheaper then the well known GoPro or Sealife.

These cameras are not popular for underwater photography. Why you ask? They are quite large in physical size, and their lenses are extended forward. Designing an underwater housing for these cameras has two disadvantages :: cumbersome and expensive. Underwater lenses are fixed, supporting that lens would be next to impossible. The diver would be better to purchase an underwater camera, which if you are not professional underwater photographer, the latest underwater cameras are much more compact. For a beginner diver, the less heavy gear to worry about, the better.

So……if I still want to use my current camera, what are my options, besides buying a new camera?

Kirk Scuba Gear suggests an Ewa Marine Flexible Housing. These housings are made in Germany, and built out of quality, high end PVC materials. Ewa Marine Flexible Housing’s are an alternative solution for taking practically any camera underwater. Full functionality might not be there, and it is not a custom fit like other camera housings, but it’s safe to use and it works great. Ewa Marine Flexible Housing’s will save you hundreds of dollars and get great pics your camera is capable of, all the while keeping it safe and dry.



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