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Leak Insure::: (GoPro Go Strip) Protect Your Underwater Camera from Leaks & Condensation


We’ve all been there, half way through a dive and you spot that dreaded leak in your underwater camera housing. What do you do? If you ascend your buddy has to go with you, if you carry on, you risk ruining your expensive underwater camera. or, are you that deep underwater that you need a safety stop and you have to watch you camera filling up.

We have a solution!

Leak Insure sachets contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight in freshwater. If you place one or two Leak Insure sachets in your underwater housing before a dive you can buy valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if it starts to leak.



Leak Insure:::(GoPro Go Strip)Protect Your Underwater Camera from Leaks & Condensation

Ships from Canada:::::the cost will be high @ checkout for shipping ($35.00)—-however, if ordering in Canada, tax will added to your purchase. Carry on at checkout——-you will receive a partial refund once the shipping and taxes are calculated. Your Leak Insure will then be shipped—about 3-6 days for processing. 

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Two Leak Insure packs are offered by Kirk Scuba Gear::::::The GoPro Go Strip (works with Go Pro cameras)::16 in a pack.  Leak Insure 90mm x 40mm (works most other underwater cameras) 10 in a pack. Order accordingly! Both are $15.95 US—-use the calculator to convert to Canadian $.

Leak Insure Sachets  before and after absorbing water


What are Leak Insure Sachets?

Leak Insure sachets contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight in freshwater.

The granules we use are fast acting, ideal for soaking up leaks quickly. The sachet has been designed to hold approximately 40ml of water without the sachet splitting. However if the sachet does split it should not have any detrimental affect on you camera.

A major problem that underwater photographers have to contend with is condensation on the inside of the camera housing.

Cameras and strobes create heat during use, this heat warms the air inside the housing. When this warm air meets the cold housing, condensation is formed on the walls of the camera housing.

To avoid this, set up your camera in an air-conditioned room, or a place that has little moisture in the air.

Another thing you can do is insert a Leak Insure sachet or two inside the camera housing at a place where they are not blocking any buttons or the lens and flash (we recommend underneath the camera). Make sure the sachet does not interfere with the o-ring seal.

Leak Insure Sachets work better and faster than Silica Gel.


The Leak Insure sachets have been design to fit most underwater camera housings or other underwater equipment.

It goes without saying that you should not rely on the sachets alone, you should always take every precaution to prevent leaks in the first place. Take a look at our advice page for tips on how to look after your underwater camera and case.

Once you have prepared your camera.

Step by Step

  1. Work out the best place to put the Leak Insure Sachet. The sachet needs to be placed at the lowest part of the housing when the camera is not being used.If your camera is positively buoyant this is likely to be near where the lanyard/strap attaches to your camera housing.

    If your camera housing is negatively buoyant, then the sachet should be placed directly opposite the point where the lanyard/strap attaches to your camera housing.

    The granules in the sachet will only soak up water while they can expand, so where you place the sachet needs to have enough space to allow optimal expansion.

  1. Take a Leak Insure sachet and make sure the granules are loose (if not break them up) and spread across the sachet. Shake of any loose dust or fibres.
  2. Place the sachet in between the camera and housing ensuring it is flat.
  3. Close your housing carefully to ensure the sachet does not infringe the O ring.


Can the sachets be re-used?

The short answer is Yes, the sachets can be used again if they have not absorbed any water.

Now here’s the longer answer:
If the sachets are left out of the grip seal bag the contents will start to absorb moisture from the air. This can be in the form of the atmosphere or the moist air within the camera housing. This is of coarse an advantage as it will reduce/stop condensation forming on the inside of the camera housing (fogging). If this happens the contents will start to solidify in to a firm gel. This does NOT mean they cannot be used again. It just means the reaction time is very slightly reduced.

I recently spent a week diving in Sharm El Sheikh, in total 8 dives. I used the same sachet on every dive, despite opening the housing at the end of each day to copy the images from my memory card.

2. How do you store the absorbent sachets?

The sachets are supplied in a watertight container or grip seal bag, as long as they are kept in this container you can store them anywhere.

3. How long can you keep the sachets for?

As long as the sachets are kept dry, they do not have a shelf life and should last for years.

4. How many sachets can I use?

As the sachets can be reused if your case does not leak, you can use as many sachets as you like.
Each standard size sachet has been designed to hold approximately 40ml of water. To be on the safe side we suggest you use 2 or more sachets. You can also use different size sachets, for instance a standard sachet under the camera and Mini’s at either size.

5. Are the contents of Leak Insure Sachets harmful?

The absorbents in our sachets are non-toxic and will not harm you or the environment. As with everything there are some precautions you need to take. DO NOT swallow, as the absorbents will swell when they get wet. DO NOT discard, as they are slippery when wet.

6. Are the sachets environmentally safe?

All the products used in the manufacturing of our sachets a non toxic and bio degradable.

7. What happens if the sachet splits?

Our sachets are designed to hold a set amount of water without splitting. The problem is, if the leak is more than a minor one then this may not be enough.

With this in mind we designed the sachets so they would split if the amount of water that leaked in to the housing were more than the capacity of the sachet. This means the absorbent gel can continue to absorb water. We feel it is better to have a camera full of gel than water.






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