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Blue Buddy::Dive Navigator

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Attach bluebuddy to your BCD, or put it in your pocket, then go diving. While you enjoy your dive, bluebuddy will be busy keeping track of your dive profile and monitoring the water temperature. Measure – Convert – Store – Repeat. All while you are enjoying your dive.
At the end of your dive just use your smartphone equipped with the My bluebuddy App to wirelessly retrieve the log of the dive you just completed. Edit it with more info, such as dive site, gear configuration, buddies and images. From dive to log in just a few easy steps. No cables required!
Now you don’t need to wait until you get home to share your dive log with your friends. As soon as your dive is over, just tap the share icon and select the service you want to use: Twitter, Facebook, email, divePAL.
Parameter Conditions bluebuddy Tech Buddy
Operating Range Depth
131ft (40m)
32-120F (0-50C)
426ft (130m)
32-120F (0-50C)
Pressure Accuracy 0-5 bar
0-10 bar
0-14 bar
+/- 20 mbar
+/- 20 mbar
-40/+20 mbar
-100/+20 mbar
Temperature Accuracy T = 68F (20C) +/- 1.44F (+/- 0.08C) +/- 1.44F (+/- 0.08C)
Sampling Interval * 2-180 sec 2-180 sec
Memory Capacity ** 300 300
Battery Autonomy *** ~5 years ~5 years
Measurement System * Imperial/Metric Imperial/Metric
Activation 2-pin wet sensor 2-pin wet sensor
Download **** Bluetooth 4.0 LE Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Identification ***** Unique MAC Address Unique MAC Address
Size 2.7×1.6×0.6″ (68x41x15 mm) 2.3×1.28×0.46″ (59x33x12 mm)
MSRP $149 $179

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