ScubaDiver Tags::especially recommended for liveaboard divers. Don’t dive without one.


Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to be carrying the ScubaDiverTag.

Safety is the number one rule of scuba diving.

A ScubaDiverTag keeps all your emergency info on one small tag. This tag easily attaches to your BCD. Don’t go diving without it!

We’ve all heard stories about people surfacing at the end of their dive only to find that the dive boat has left them in the water.  HERE’S THE SOLUTION….  The DIVER DOWN TAG ®.  Carry it with you attached to a Snap Hook.  As you prepare to leave the dive boat, hand it to the boat crew and ask them to keep it until you return.  Tell them not to leave the dive site until you collect it back. When your dive is over and you’re safely back on-board, retrieve it and reattach it to your BCD until your next dive.

THREE Choices Available::::

ScubaDiver  ID Tag (attachs to your BCD)

Luggage Bag ID Tag (attachs to your luggage when you travel)

PADI Tag (personalize your own PADI tag)

Use the Affiliate link below to order, as your tag has to be personalized!




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