///Mirage 23/38lb Wing for Scuba Divers

Mirage 23/38lb Wing for Scuba Divers


This is the Mirage 23/38lb Wing for Scuba Divers.


Mirage 23/38lb Wing for Scuba Divers

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Introducing the Mirage, the last single tank wing you’ll ever need! With the simple ability to convert from 23lb lift to 38lb lift, it’s like having two wings in one! It’s clean and compact circular bladder design gives you total control, balance, and comfort. It’s 1600 denier Cordura cover coupled with 15mil Urethane inner bladder allows it to be extremely durable for even the most demanding diver.

Traveling? Diving in warm water with an aluminum 80? The 23lb configuration is perfect. Lightweight, compact, and travel friendly.

Moving into cooler water, steel cylinder, thick exposure protection, and need more lift? Unscrew the inflator and lower deflator with a couple of twists, swap out the cover, and reattach the inflator/deflator. You now have a 38lb wing! Seems too easy doesn’t it? This system comes with 1 15mil Urethane inner bladder and 2 1600 Denier Outer Covers (23lb and 38lb). All you do is swap from one cover to the other, and the cover restricts or allows the wing to to have it’s maximum lift depending on which cover. Simple! All of this allows you to easily convert a travel wing, into a local diving wing in less than a minute.

What’s more? Mirage includes a removable bungee system which keeps the wing compact, oval corrugated hose for the maximum inflate and deflate capabilities, and a carry handle that helps you move your BP/W around with ease.

With over 200 test dives by experienced divers from all over the world who require the highest level of quality and dependability, Mirage is up for the challenge!

Pick up the tough and versatile Mirage today, and never need another single-cylinder wing again.

Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
Streamlined design with removable bungees for reduced drag and passing through tight spaces
Lower left pull relief valve
23lbs or 38lbs of lift depending on the cover
Must be used with a Single Tank adapter and hardware for the best in roll control
Oval Inflator hose


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