///Suunto Zoop Novo Computer for Scuba Divers

Suunto Zoop Novo Computer for Scuba Divers


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This is the Suunto Zoop Novo Computer for Scuba Divers.


Suunto Zoop Novo Computer for Scuba Divers

FREE Shipping in the USA


The ZOOP Novo dive computer from Suunto is a wrist-mounted computer that will not only enhance your time under water; it will also help you be a safer diver without breaking the bank. Its ability to operate in two modes (Air and Nitrox), safety features (decompression stop data, audible alarms, and easy-to-read display), and simple menus mean the ZOOP Novo will provide critical dive data when it is needed quickly and accurately.

Suunto’s ZOOP Novo is PC-compatible, so you can easily store your dive data (up to 50 hours) and logs on a PC. It is activated by water, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to start your computer and losing a single dive’s valuable data.

Backlit display

• Enlarged segment / matrix screen

• Excellent contrast and information with bigger and clear digits (depth, no dec etc.)


• 4 buttons to enable a more intuitive/ easier user interface

• Same as for D-series (easier to move into other Suunto devices)


• Battery housing reliability improved

• Three fresh colors, Lime, Blue, Black

• Improved USB Cable

The ZOOP Novo provides a depth display to 330′ (100 meters), its clock can be set with a 12 or 24 hour format, provides temperature reading above and below the surface to 1.5° (1°C) accuracy and is altitude adjustable up to 10,000′ (3,000 meters). The computer can be programmed for Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50% oxygen and displays oxygen partial pressures from 17.4 psi to 23.2 psi (1.2 to 1.6 bars). The ZOOP Novo is powered by a user replaceable 3 volt CR2450 lithium ion battery. The ZOOP Novo can be set for imperial (feet) or metric (meter) measurements. The ZOOP Novo has an enlarged segment matrix screen, excellent contrast and information with bigger and clearer digits for depth, no-decompression etc., and a new 4 button interface for easier more intuitive diver use. Computer comes with a quick guide.




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