///Lavacore Polytherm Multi-Sport Scuba Diving Hood

Lavacore Polytherm Multi-Sport Scuba Diving Hood


Lavacore is a technically advanced fabric, constructed and engineered exclusively for water sports requiring the ultimate in thermal control and superior comfort. This unique synthetic construction closely matches the stretch and movement of a traditional lycra rash vest, while providing the insulation qualities similar to that of a neoprene wetsuit.


Lavacore Polytherm Multi-Sport Scuba Diving Hood


  • Water resistant outer layer on all lavacore suits facilitates fast water run off and is incredibly quick drying
  • Wind proof middle layer provides anti wind chill properties and ensures you stay warm in cold conditions
  • Antibacterial inner fleece minimising odour and eliminating bacteria
  • 4-way stretch makes Lavacore incredibly comfortable to wear
  • Breathable middle layer allows perspiration to be drawn away in hot conditions
  • Lavacore is neutrally buoyant so you won’t be unnecessarily weighted down
  • All Lavacore seams are overlapped during flatlock sewing to insure maximum water integrity
  • Full gusset incorporated into the underarm to offer exceptional arm movement and stretch
  • Sun protection of SPF 30+
  • Lavacore is designed and developed in Cooperation with Oceanic, your guarantee of quality

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