///Pinnancle Siren Wetsuit::3mm::5mm::7mm for Scuba Diving

Pinnancle Siren Wetsuit::3mm::5mm::7mm for Scuba Diving

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This is the Pinnacle Siren Wetsuit::3mm::5mm::7mm for Scuba Diving…DISCONTINUED

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Pinnacle Siren Wetsuit::3mm::5mm::7mm for Scuba Diving:::DISCONTINUED

FREE Shipping in the USA


Pinnacle’s Elastiprene neoprene is considerably more flexible and stretchy than any we’ve offered before, making this suit the easiest to don and doff, best-fitting, and most comfortable to wear that Pinnacle has ever produced.

Pinnacle Aquatics’s newest product release is the Siren. varieties, with each incorporating advances in wetsuit technology that have never been offered to scuba divers, and only come from Pinnacle. This suit offers a quantum leap forward in combining incredible flexibility and unsurpassed insulation capability.

No longer must divers choose between a comfortable, stretchy suit and a warm, durable suit! The revolutionary Pinnacle Siren wetsuit gives you both! These high-stretch wetsuits provide warmth, comfort, and durability that divers the world over have come to expect from Pinnacle

The Merino-lined Siren is more comfortable than other suits, even in the 5mm and 7mm varieties. Yet they are warmer than any other suit that you’ve ever worn because of the overwhelming amount of features that are packed into these products, including Pinnacle’s patented Merino lining system, which not only adds significant warmth without increasing bulk or buoyancy but also promotes quick drying after a dive and helps to reduce odours.

Sizes from XSmall to 2XLarge including some Large and Short Sizes


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