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Trident Ankle Weights for Scuba Diving or Professional Fitness


Drysuit divers find that ankle weights minimize the effect of the shift of air inside a drysuit. This makes control of the lower body easier, facilitating swimming with the feet in any desired position. Because of the reduced tendency of the feet to float, there is no need to keep feet lower than the rest of the body (such inchplowinginch is less efficient than horizontal swimming). Back stress due to the inchhammock effectinch caused by the buoyancy in the legs and the weight belt is greatly reduced. Rapid flow of air into the feet is restricted minimizing the tendency for fins to pop off when inverted.


Wetsuit divers with back problems find that the use of ankle weights alleviate back stress due to the inchhammock effectinch. In addition many divers have problems with their lower body floatation. This is often noticeable with women who tend to have a higher percentage of body fat in their lower bodies


Trident Ankle Weights for Scuba Diving or Professional Fitness 


  • The use of ankle weights permit a diver to remove some of the weight from the weight belt.
  • However
  • enough weight should be left on the weight belt so that removal of the belt (even at depth) remains an effective emergency procedure.
  • Ankle Weights are manufactured using form fitting comfortable lead shot in a stretchy rubber and fabric sleeve.
  • Fastening is provided by sturdy secure Delrin buckles which can be released with one hand.


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