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HOG Velocity Pro Fin


This is the HOG Velocity Pro Fin


HOG Velocity Pro Fin

High performance professional fins with stiff molded side rails and a soft flexible center blade. The soft channels running the length of the fin blade keeps it nice and flexible while the stiff side rails allow for good power and acceleration.


  • Open Heel Foot Pocket
  • Stiff molded side rails
  • Dual material flexible center channel blade
  • Light weight
  • Heavy duty Bungee Cord
  • Heel Pad with finger loop for Additional Comfort

The Hog Velocity Pro fin blade is engineered with strong side rails to improve stability and channel the thrust, the middle of the blade is thermoplastic and composite material to create an efficient channeling of thrust down the blade with a performance/effort ratio among the best on the market. Fins secure a tight fit with raised rib on the foot plate and bungee strap with big easy-to-grasp finger loop.

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