///DRIS Dive Gear Illusion Long Hose Regulator Package for Scuba Divers

DRIS Dive Gear Illusion Long Hose Regulator Package for Scuba Divers


FREE Shipping in the USA


DRIS Dive Gear Illusion Long Hose Regulator Package for Scuba Divers

FREE Shipping in the USA


The DRIS Illusion Regulator Set includes a balanced diaphragm environmentally sealed first stage with a fully adjustable and balanced reversible second stage. This set is hard to beat in terms of price, quality, and performance! It comes fully assembled and tested on our flow bench to ensure it’s ready to dive when you open it.

This Regulator Set includes:

DRIS Illusion Coldwater First Stage with Highland Din Cap
DRIS Illusion Reversible Second Stage
Choice of Low Pressure Hose Size (your choice of Rubber or Braided)
Ships fully assembled and ready to dive
Nitrox Ready

It also comes ready for use with higher oxygen content applications (100% Oxygen to 2400psi, 80% Oxygen to 3400 psi when new).

Illusion First Stage:

The Illusion Coldwater First Stage Choice is based off a tried and true design of excellence. The team at DRIS has worked really hard to bring this back to our customers, at an affordable price, and new look. It’s black and satin finish gives it a unique and durable look. This Diaphragm first stage is great for any water temperature and is fully sealed to keep out the sand, salt, and any other contaminates in the water. Being sealed also helps prevent freeze up at depth while diving in coldwater. It’s dive ready for the recreational diver, and can be taken to task by the most demanding of Technical divers.
– Rotating turret with 5 LP ports and 2 HP ports located on each side of the first stage body.
– It includes a bottom 5th LP port for better hose routing for technical dive applications
– Includes a Highland protective Delrin DIN cap with string to ensure the threads of the first stage never get damaged

Illusion Reversible Second Stage:

The DRIS Illusion Reversible Second Stage is a mix of some of the best things we have seen in second stages. This reversible Left Hand/ Right Hand regulator allows the diver to pick which side the hose comes thru the second stage. This is great for sidemount applications, and future proofing your potential dive needs.

The Illusion Second Stage comes with a comfy bite mouthpiece to help prevent jaw fatigue that is held on with a “No Bump” zip tie. It’s satin finished metal breathing adjustment knob ensures that you dial in the breathing effort to your exact needs. It also includes a Venturi switch, so that you don’t have to worry about a free flowing regulator when it’s not in your mouth.

It’s black front cover is designed to not freeflow in a heavy current, and gives the regulator a sleek look. When mated with our Illusion First Stage, it’s look and breathing ability is hard to beat for the price!

You can now customize your second stages with optional colour purge covers.



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