///HOG SPG – Black Face Luminescent for Scuba Divers

HOG SPG – Black Face Luminescent for Scuba Divers



HOG SPG – Black Face Luminescent for Scuba Divers


So a SPG is a SPG right? Well mostly, provided you are getting one that is quality. Obviously HOG (and others) have a proven track record of high quality SPG’s for Technical Diving.

You are all familiar with the HOG SPG, no fancy red zone, one hundred PSI increment markings and super easy to read.

Allow me to introduce a new variation i.e HOG SPG – Black Face Luminescent

The face is black, the needle and markings are in luminescent. What you can do while diving is take your light and shine it  down on your SPG on your hip, then “charge” the luminescence for a couple seconds, unclip it and bring it up to read. If you have a scooter, you know your right hand is busy with your scooter. When you bring it up, you read the gauge, and then clip it off back to your hip. In light conditions you can read a standard HOG gauge with the white face without even a thought, in cave or other really dark conditions it isn’t so fast. The Black face HOG SPG is MUCH easier to read in those conditions, the luminescent needle over the black face and luminescent numbers and hundred psi increment markings makes for a easy and quick read.  Your eye is faster at adjusting over a white faced SPG.

This SPG uses the same gun metal chrome color as you find on the HOG regs. It just looks hot.  Brass and glass with Viton O-rings. 1.5 2.0 2.5 Sizing.


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