///IST Proline O20 Non-Adjustable Scuba Diving Regulator

IST Proline O20 Non-Adjustable Scuba Diving Regulator


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Super quality, comfort, and cost.


IST Proline O20 Non-Adjustable Scuba Diving Regulator

FREE Shipping DOES Not apply to this product in the USA

  • O20 Octopus Regulator
  • Quality construction
  • Superb precision engineering
  • Rugged, dependable and affordable
  • Designed for reliable functionality
  • Lightweight, ideal for reduced jaw fatigue
  • Soft black silicone mouthpiece
  • Exhalation is controlled by an oval exhaust diaphragm which opens with radius bends to create a tighter seal

Manufacturers Warranty from my supplier

1st Dive Product Mission Statement: 

From the outset, it’s always been IST’s primary goal to manufacture SAFE, RELIABLE, HIGH QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices. This may sound simple but the concept is profound; we have invested countless hours and resources into product development and innovation to achieve this end, all for the ultimate enjoyment of divers world-wide.
Needless to say, safety, reliability and quality are the first design objectives we look at before making any new product. This is hugely significant because we know the life of every diver who uses IST equipment will depend on it: No compromises can be tolerated. Once a direction is decided upon, we then explore many different manufacturing processes to see how we can make the gear at its most affordable cost. In this way, we will be doing our part to help the scuba community grow by making the diving sport that much more accessible.
 Now IST has diversified its product range as a business strategy to maintain stability in the face of possible global financial fluctuations. Instead of minimizing production or reducing product selection, IST has gone against the trend.  We have bolstered and re-oganized our products into 3 major lines:  IST Proline, Dolphin Tech and IST Sports. Expanding our recreational diving equipment line, IST Proline, and adding and consolidating technical diving and commercial diving into Dolphin Tech, Apnea Freediving and Sporting lines, we believe IST Sports is in that much more of an advantageous position to assist our worldwide distributors, thereby capturing a wider market share and stimulating sales. As for our end users, you will greatly benefit from the convenience in product-searching, secure in the knowledge that IST has maintained its manufacturing tradition to introduce products with optimum quality and accessible pricing.

 It is our promise to uphold our company’s mission, never be complacent, and to continually pursue and implement improvements. 



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