///Seac DX 100 Regulator for Scuba Diving

Seac DX 100 Regulator for Scuba Diving

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High performance, lightweight regulator, great for scuba diving. Balanced 2nd stage is lightweight with low-friction mechanics for easy, natural breathing.


Seac DX 100 Regulator for Scuba Diving

FREE Shipping in the USA


  • Environmentally isolated, balanced diaphragm 1st stage delivers consistent performance as tank pressure changes.
  • HP outlets: 2, 4 LP outlets: 2 inclined at 20 degrees, 2 inclined at 30 degrees to reduce hose strain and drag.

For high performance reliability the DX100 Regulator from SEAC excels in its rugged simplicity. The second stage features all-new balanced mechanics, including a demand lever with reduced friction, making breathing more fluid and linear. A single control knob adjusts breathing effort, reducing weight and maintenance costs while preserving high performance air delivery. The first stage valve is environmentally isolated to preserve performance in harsh conditions. Years from now you will appreciate the removable stainless steel valve seat, easily replaced to extend the first stage service life. The forged brass first stage is lightweight and positions hoses ergonomically for low drag and minimal stress. The first stage has 2 high-pressure outlets and 4 low-pressure outlets: 2 inclined at 20 degrees and 2 at 30 degrees.

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