///Seac Synchro Octo for Scuba diving

Seac Synchro Octo for Scuba diving


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Just the back-up breathing device you have been looking for, the Seac Synchro Octo brings you safety and reliability. Streamlined in design, it is made to be durable and compact.


Seac Synchro Octo for Scuba diving

FREE Shipping in the USA


Its asymmetry allows for use with maximum valve opening. Great for deep water use, when you need to use this octopus it will reduce unwanted free flow for easy breathing.

Ideal for an emergency, it is colored bright yellow so you can find it quickly. Increase your dive safety, never dive without an alternate second stage.

  • Rid Unwanted Free-flow with Diver Adjustable Venturi
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Technopolymer Housing is Durable
  • Demand Valve on Second Stage Downstream
  • Easy to use, Increases Dive Safety


  • Type of Octo::Downstream Demand Valve
  • Venturi Switch::Venturi Effect to Prevent Unwanted Free-flow
  • Hose Length::39 Yellow Hose
  • Nitrox compatible::Up to 40%

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