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Resort Hookah System W/ 25ft Air Hose


This is the Resort Hookah System W/ 25ft Air Hose


Resort Hookah System W/ 25ft Air Hose

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It’s a way to get your feet wet without having to take a big plunge. Under the guidance of a trained instructor, a completely inexperienced person can be under the surface of the water and exploring the natural beauty of the Deep without having to be a certified diver themselves.

And unlike conventional diving, which can be very intimidating to first-time divers because of all the equipment that they must have strapped to their bodies, the Hookharoo gives the diver a feeling of freedom and a more relaxed diving experience. As an added benefit the Hookharoo can be used as a floatation device for the diver equipped with a number of emergency devices such as an EPIRB, a strobe, and a VHF radio, which gives divers a much higher feeling of safety then conventional dive equipment can offer. And a diver that feels safe will be a safer diver.


Hookahroo Resort FloatDive Flag 25 ft. Air Hose and Hookahroo Harness Hookahroo Air Hoses are approved braided diver air-breathing hoses for professional and sports diving. Our air hoses use standard fitting that connects to low-pressure ports on a regulator and second stage. Excellent flexibility: reduces diver fatigueSemi-buoyant: low working resistance. Toxic: extremely low odour inner tubeU.V. stabilized: resists premature cracking and failure Made of commercial-grade fabric with excellent dimensional stability, flexibility and Fade resistance in all climates. Sewn with Bonded Dabond polyester thread with high strength and stretch control, UV abrasion, salt-water, and mildew. Durable straps made from 2″ black UV polyester resistant webbing.

Often used at resorts for Snubling.



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