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Travel Hookah System for Scuba Divers


This is the Travel Hookah System for Scuba Divers.


Travel Hookah System for Scuba Divers


Hookah or Surface Supplied Air has become very common in many places around the globe for recreational divers. Without certification demands, the resorts market the activity as a combination between snorkeling and scuba diving.

It’s a way to get your feet wet without having to take a big plunge.


  • Hookahroo Travel Float
  • Dive Flag

Tank Not Included

Hookahroo Travel is a boating essential! It’s uses are limitless. For example cooler float, fishing marker, float for dive flag and/or your booty. Hall cleaning is made much easier and forget about tanks rolling around on board any more. Hookahroo Travel is convenient to clean & store. It creates the opportunity for the feeling of free diving with the air supply of scuba diving but without the weight of gear.

The only limit Hookahroos have is YOUR imagination.

Under the guidance of a trained instructor, a completely inexperienced person can be under the surface of the water and exploring the natural beauty of the Deep without having to be a certified diver themselves. And unlike conventional diving, which can be very intimidating to first time divers because of all the equipment that they must have strapped to their bodies, the Hookharoo gives the diver a feeling of freedom and a more relaxed diving experience. As an added benefit the Hookharoo can be used as a floatation device for the diver equipped with a number of emergency devices such as an EPIRB, a strobe, and a VHF radio, which gives divers a much higher feeling of safety then conventional dive equipment can offer. And a diver that feels safe will be a safer diver.



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