Chawel Jr. Sport HD


The Jr. Sport HD Chawel is a kids hooded towel designed for ages 6 years and under.


Chawel Jr. Sport HD

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The Jr. Chawels are fully sewn up the sides to the armholes to keep the kids fully covered and warm while they’re drying off. The Sport HD model has 2 ultra soft and absorbent sides whereas the Jr. Hybrid HD has 1 absorbent side and 1 warm fleece side.

The Jr. Sport Chawel packs down to the size of a soda can (5″x 3.5″x 3.5″).

  • Kids sized – 22″ X 30″ | 7oz
  • 100% ultra-soft polyester
  • Double sided absorbent quick dry
  • Armholes
  • Hood
  • Carry bag / mini towel
  • Blue/Navy Colour only

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