///FINIS Bolster Paddles

FINIS Bolster Paddles


These FINIS Bolster Paddles help with proper technique, especially in freestyle swimming although it can be used in all strokes. It is similar to the FINIS™ Forearm Fulcrum, but provides resistance unlike the Forearm Fulcrum.


FINIS Bolster Paddles


  • Helps to prevent swimmers from over-bending at the wrist.
  • Encourages a high elbow and creates early vertical forearm which is desirable when swimming freestyle.
  • Includes forearm paddle and promotes all around proper stroke technique: on the entry, catch, pull, and recovery.
  • Designed to help people put their wrist and elbow in correct position in the front of the stroke by keeping their wrist from bending.
  • Both a stroke development tool and a training paddle.
  • Its unique design conforms more closely to the swimmer’s anatomy – when it comes to paddle blade, hand and forearm position – than any paddle on the market.
  • By keeping the wrist from bending, the Bolster forces the swimmer to develop a forearm dominant stroke and keeps the elbow up and in position to provide more propulsion.
  • This also provides for more uniform application of force from the finger tips up through the forearm eliminating any soft spots and providing more propulsive force with each stroke movement– for all 4 strokes.
  • The Bolster can be used when swimming IM’s, and is also useful to train the muscle memory.
  • Each order will come with 2 paddles.
  • Use the entire forearm and hand to create uniform application of force.
  • Develop a forearm dominant stroke with a high elbow position to provide more propulsion.
  • Promotes EVF Technique with all four competitive strokes.




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