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FINIS Floating Fins


These are the FINIS Floating Fins


FINIS Floating Fins


FINIS is Latin for “The End” or “Finale”, and it signifies in the name of this company both the developmental goals that swimmers have and the end that they strive to reach—the finish line.

Founded in 1993, FINIS provides highly technical competition suits, training equipment, child water-safety products and high end goggles.

• Fins float in both fresh and salt water

• Closed heel provides extra support and easy on and off

Ideal training tools for the development of muscle and technique, the FINIS™ Floating Fins are designed to increase leg strength while facilitating the development of proper arm stroke technique. Each fin floats in salt and fresh water, making them easy to retrieve should they become separated from your foot while swimming.

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Assorted colours and sizes


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