FINIS Swim Parachute


Increase your training and take your performance to the next level with the Swim Parachute from FINIS™. This device gives you additional weight to pull while performing laps, giving you an extra edge by increasing your speed, strength and endurance.


FINIS Swim Parachute

Provides additional weight.

  • 2 sized chutes:
    1. Red is 8 inches long.
    2. Navy is 12 inches long.
  • Non-intrusive.
  • Versatile.
  • Imported.
  • Increase range of motion for competition.
  • Adds external force to your stroke.
  • Activates larger muscles.
  • Helps you avoid inury and safely strengthen muscles.
  • Provides additional drag during everyday training.
  • Build muscle, increase endurance and boost speed.
  • Compatible with kicking and flip turns.
  • Works with all competitive strokes.
  • Wide, comfortable belt is one-size fits all.
  • Red = 8 inches.
  • Navy = 12 inches.

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