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FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins


Appropriate for all skill levels, FINIS™’s Zoomers Gold Swim Fin is the latest and most advanced version of their popular training fins.


FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins


  • Original Zoomers formula modified for improved fit and performance.
  • Softer, natural rubber foot pocket.
  • Short blade encourages smaller, faster kicks while increasing ankle flexibility and endurance.
  • Closed-heel design makes for a more secure fit and prevents hyperflexion.
  • Medium blade stiffness.
  • 100% Natural Rubber.

FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

Fit  FINIS has been making Zoomers for a long time and there is a good reason for that. You know what you are going to get out of these fins: it is a very high performing, comfortable fin. The first question almost everyone asks when trying on a fin is, “Will this fin fit correctly?” My answer is “Yes.” The fit of the fin is snug, but not too tight. FINIS has done a great job at making the “rubber” firm enough to kick fast with, but not too hard as to hurt your feet. As you will see in other reviews, this is not an easy task.

Performance  These fins are probably the shortest fins in the group. Still, when you start kicking with them, they are going to give you some nice propulsion. Probably the best part about these fins is that when you start putting some torque on them, they stay on your heels. The other major reason I like these fins is because you can move your feet fast with them. The reason these fins are on top of my list is they best fit my goals of giving you speed, while staying true to what the kick will be when you take the fins off.

The only other thing to be mindful of is that these fins are not going to be the best for longer more endurance sets when your kicking frequency is slightly lower. You may want to look for a longer blade if that is the case.

Pros Comfortable, true to size, great foot speed

Cons Not the best for longer sets


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