Hybrid HD Surf towel


The HD series is our wearable surf towel, inspired by Tofino to keep you warm while you dry off and change.


Hybrid HD Surf towel

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Complete with with armholes, absorbent hood and zipper pocket, the Chawel Hybrid will give you extra warmth and cover from the elements. Keep your Chawel in your car for your next surf, camping or backpacking trip. The Chawels extra uses will save space and weight on your next trip. Use the absorbent stuff sack as mini towel, while the Chawel can stuff into its zipper.

Size: 91cm x 127cm (from shoulders down)


  • 100% polyester
  • Absorbent front and warm Fleece back
  • Zipper pocket (absorbent)
  • Armholes
  • Hood (absorbent)

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