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Dragon Murdock Sunglasses

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Eye protection from the sun is very important in the prevention of cumulative long-term eye damage. It is critical that eye protection be successful in blocking out 100% of all UV-A and UV-B light, without distortion, to prevent permanent Retina problems and Cataracts.
All Dragon frames are armed with our exclusive VCG© technology. A design process that gives you crystal-clear, no-distortion vision at any point of view through the lens curve. While you might think Dragon’s Bio-Enhanced design curves may warp out your vision, nothing could be further from the truth. That’s because Dragon Engineers set the lenses in the “true” position for ultimate clarity and create the frame around them.


Dragon Murdock Sunglasses

Dragon – Murdock

  • NEW in the box
  • Sleek Murdock design
  • All Dragon products are designed with safety and durability in mind. Only the highest quality frame materials are used to ensure a bio-technical, symbiotic relationship with the wearer
  • Lightweight metal frame
  • This front-loaded technology renders it impossible for the lens to pass through the frame and into your eye
  • Variable Configuration Geometry© Technology gives you crystal-clear, no distortion vision at any point of view through the lens curve
  • Low-molecular weight Carbon based lenses block out 100% of all harmful UV and Blue Light
  • Shatter-proof lens material
  • Manufacturers Warranty from my supplier

Colours as shown

Silver with Grey Lens
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Black with Grey Lens
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Options :: Colour and Price

Silver with Grey Lens $84.95, Black with Grey Lens $84.95


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