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Handspun JungleVine® Yarn

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For fiber artists looking for a unique, 100% natural, rare, super-strong fiber, JungleVine® yarn is ideal. It is a light golden earthy color with a silk-like sheer.


Handspun JungleVine® Yarn:::OUT OF STOCK

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Handspun by indigenous Khmu artisans in northern Laos, JungleVine® yarn is a 100% sustainable organic plant fiber. JungleVine® (Islobata phaseloides) grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. Khmu villagers gather the vine, strip the pulp from the fibers and lay them out to dry in the sun, then spin the fiber by hand in their homes and villages.

Use Handspun JungleVine® Yarn in textile arts such as crochet, macramé, and weaving. It is easy to wind into a ball. It can be a bit more difficult to use than other yarns, but the extra effort is more than worth it because of the natural homemade-by-hand character and glossy sheen of finished products.

50 grams (1.76 oz.) is approx. 123 meters (135 yards)

100 grams (3.5 oz.) is approx. 246 meters (269 yards)

You can support indigenous Khmu communities when you buy Nature Bag products.

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