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Paddle Wrap for Kayak/Canoe/Fishing Boat Paddles

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  • Do you have a wood, fiberglass, or carbon-fiber paddle with no handgrips?
  • Do you find that your paddle shaft slips or twists in your hands?
  • Do your hands get sore during/after paddling?
  • Are you having a hard time finding your dark colored paddle in the river after a swim?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Paddle Wrap is for you.    


Paddle Wrap for Kayak/Canoe/Fishing Boat Paddles

Proudly Canadian!


Paddle Wrap is company started by paddlers who wanted to find a way to develop improved handgrip for paddles. Initially the product was tested by whitewater kayakers who quickly discovered that they wouldn’t paddle without it. Today Paddle Wrap can be used for all types of paddling to improve comfort, grip, and visibility while on the water. The company is based out of the Upper Ottawa Valley in Ontario Canada; an area which boasts world-class whitewater and flatwater paddling.

Paddle Wrap is a disposable product that is used much like hockey tape. It is a stretch, stick to itself not to your paddle synthetic woven latex like tape that won’t damage your paddle or leave any marks or residue. Wrap it around any kayak or canoe paddle shaft where you would normally grab your paddle and instantly you will have improved grip and comfort. Its bright colors look great, and make identifying and finding your paddle easier.

Manufacturers Warranty Paddle Wrap is very inexpensive to ship ($3.50 Canada and the US) due to it’s size. When you check-out, the shipping charge will be HIGH!!! Carry on and finish your transaction. No worries, you will be refunded the shipping overpayment when your order is processed***** Thank you


“This stuff is easy to put on, take off and replace. It works well for both grip and visibility, and it is inexpensive compared to the alternatives. This is definitely my grip of choice!”– Brenna K

“I’ve been using Paddle Wrap for almost 4 months now, and I love it! It gives great grip and adds personality to my paddle. I definitely recommend Paddle Wrap.” Alex M.

“I love it! I use paddle wrap on all my carbon-fiber paddle shafts. It gives me the grip and comfort I want and comes in a bunch of cool hi-vis colors. And it makes it easy to find my paddle if I lose it during a swim. Paddle Wrap rocks!”– David D. “Before Paddle Wrap I used to get “the knob callus “on my thumb, now it’s gone. This product is great for improving grip and preventing paddle twist.”   — Brad W.

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