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Glo Rope::Glow Leash- Webbing::Dog Leash


Glo Rope::Glow Leash- Webbing::Dog Leash::let others see your dog.


Glo Rope::Glow Leash- Webbing::Dog Leash

Attention:::Canadian Shoppers::::Shipping for this product is inexpensive . The cost will be $35.00 at check-out. (standard shipping USPs for dive gear to Canada) Please complete your order and you will receive a partial shipping refund when your order is processed. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is a standard set-up. Thank you.

Proudly Canadian

Keep your dog safe during after-dark and during early morning walks. Dogs are on a different sight line from the people walking them, so they are especially vulnerable when crossing streets ahead of their owners or emerging from a blind corner. This leash makes you and your dog more visible to traffic. Also great in rural area neighborhoods that have little or no street lighting.

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