///Pet Training Shock Mat

Pet Training Shock Mat

Shock mat for pet training using a mild shock to positively and harmlessly teach your pets not to jump on the furniture!

Pets can be wonderful companions, but they also need guidance to know what is right and what is wrong, and for many, having their pets jump on furniture, their desk, or even on their car is unacceptable behavior. With the shock mat, your pet will receive harmless shocks whenever they are in areas that they should not be, reinforcing the idea of a “no go zone” until the pet no longer will attempt to go there anymore.


Pet Training Shock Mat

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Product Warranty–1 year—–if product becomes wet—-warranty is null and void.

The shock mat is powered by 3 AAA batteries, providing not only many hours of continuous work time but no chance of it being upplugged from the wall outlet or giving your pet yet another wire to bite. The mat itself is made of high quality plastic interweaved with shock coils, and is more than long enough to cover everything from couches, to the end of your bed, to your chair. Its plastic design also means that you can shape it to fit as you want, and storage becomes a non issue as all you have to do is roll it up and put it away.

  • 100% completely safe and effective device for training your pets
  • Plastic construction + over 130cm / 4 feet long
  • 3 shock levels (low, medium, high)
  • AAA battery power with no wires to trip on, plug in, or be chewed
  • The perfect training device for pets to save your furniture and create “no go zones”.
  • Shock Levels: Low, Medium, High
  • Power Source: 3x AAA Batteries
  • Main product dimensions: 1230x430mm (L x W)
    Package Contents
  • Shock Mat
  • User Manual

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Won’t this hurt my pet? No one likes the idea of giving any kind of shock to their cute pet, however the electric current produced by this device is very mild. Try it for yourself before putting it onto your pet. You will notice that the shock only provides a slight, temporary discomfort. It is a signal that your pet understands.
  • How long does the shock last? As long as the pet remains on the mat
  • Is it waterproof? No, it is neither waterproof or water resistant. This product mainly should be used indoors, and if used outdoors should never contact water

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