Chawel:::proudly Canadian. More than just a towel.
The Chawel (chow·wel / chowel) name comes from its original idea of use, CHAnge toWEL. The Chawel concept came to in 2002 as a solution to changing in public. Created by a beach lifeguard in Vancouver, BC, who often witnessed the awkwardness and sometimes embarrassment of tourists deck changing in/out of swimwear, and even at the beach. The common methods of wrapping a towel around your waist or someone holding a towel up as you change behind it can be slow and tricky, when changing rooms aren’t always near by or clean. Using a Chawel makes changing faster, easier and still provides you with complete privacy. Used by moms, athletes and beach go-ers everywhere, we hope you too will appreciate what the Chawel can do in many situations.