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What if plastic was never invented?

https://www.facebook.com/What.If.science/videos/2523291417896163/?t=2 Plastic pollution affects land, waterways and oceans. Marine animals can die from plastic, from entanglement in plastic objects or problems related to ingestion of plastic waste, or through exposure to chemicals within plastics that interfere with their physiology. Humans

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The Pirate Code – How Order was Kept Among the Lawless

Despite the image of reckless and toothless men with peg legs, eye patches, parrots on their shoulders, and the flag of Jolly Roger on their ships, real-life pirates were highly organized criminals. Mainly thanks to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and

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Stone Age Kitchen Found at the Bottom of a Lake, complete with 9,000-yr-old Stove

University of Helsinki researchers studying a group of lakes in Finland say they’ve found a Stone Age settlement in Lake Kuolimojarvi that gives clues to how humans lived in the area in the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Stone Age, ranging from

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Titanic Revelations: Bodies of Third-Class Passengers were Tossed Back into the Sea

According to the recently recovered passenger records from RMS Titanic, the third class passengers who died when the liner sank were dumped back in the freezing waters so that the bodies belonging to the higher classes could be saved. The crew

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