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Mary Patten :: (1837-1861) The First American Woman to Command a Ship

The first American woman to command a ship was a pregnant teenager. She did it while fighting off a mutiny, nursing an incapacitated husband, and braving gale-force winds. She was 19. Mary Ann Patten (nee Brown) was the type who would’ve volunteered

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Scuba diving wetsuit for tropical & sub-tropical water

Everyone has their own definition of what feels cold & what is comfortably warm, and things don’t change in the water. Scuba divers everywhere have different preferences for spending an hour or more underwater, sometimes several times per day. What

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Common Mistake: My Scuba Regulator Does Not Supply Enough Air

Technology has advanced a lot for scuba divers and the equipment they use in the last fifty-years. There has been more improvements in the equipment from twenty years ago versus the last ten years. When some scuba divers go a

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