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How long has Kirk Scuba Gear been in business?

Kirk Scuba Gear opened its doors to the World Wide Web in July/2008

Who owns Kirk Scuba Gear and where are you located?

Kathy Dowsett, a PADI certified diver, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada

Do you stock products?

No, Kirk Scuba Gear is an online, e-commerce business. Without the upkeep and expenses of running a store front/in-stock products business, we can keep our prices lower. The customer places an order with Kirk Scuba Gear; your order is processed and shipped from our suppliers to you, the customer.

Where do the products come from?

Our products are shipped from the United States/overseas from many different suppliers. Some products such as Chawel Towels, Glo-Rope and Truli Wetsuits ship from Canada. We are proud to carry these Canadian products.

Are prices in Canadian dollars?

No, products are listed in US $$$, because all scuba gear is shipped from the USA. For the convenience of Canadian shoppers, we have added a currency converter. Select Canadian $ with the converter, and the products will automatically change to Canadian currency.

Where do you ship?

All over the world.

How do I pay?

PAYPAL is the only form of payment that Kirk Scuba Gear accepts. We do not manually process credit cards. Credit card fraudulent activity is ongoing all over the world, and Kirk Scuba Gear uses PAYPAL for the protection of the customer and this business.


We will NOT ship to any address that is not listed on your PayPal. Want your order shipped elsewhere? You must add that address to your PayPal account, before shipping of any goods. This is firm and non negotiable!

How long does it take to get my purchase?

On average, two weeks, unless your request is back-ordered. Christmas delivery, and overseas orders may be longer. Most products ship within 48 hours. If your selection is back-ordered you will be notified via e-mail, and offered a refund. Customs may delay your purchase. Sorry, this is beyond our control.

How are products shipped?

USPS is the first choice for Canadian products or overseas shipments. This method of shipping eliminates costly fees associated with UPS or FedEx. On occasions, Canadian Customs may charge you a fee (tax) for your purchase. Kirk Scuba Gear is not responsible for this fee. UPS or FedEx shipping is used for U.S. orders. (Most U.S. purchases over $50 ship for free in the U.S. (Exception ScubaMax)  P.O. Box numbers in the U.S. are shipped via USPS. Tanks ship via UPS or FedEx, due to their weight.

Can I track my package?

With UPS/FedEx, your parcel can be tracked all the way. With USPS, you receive a Canadian Customs Declaration number. (or other overseas destination declaration number) Once your package arrives in Canada (or your country) your order can be tracked through your postal service. Kirk Scuba Gear is NOT responsible for replacing your product purchases, if your package appears to have been opened and articles stolen. You are advised to contact your local postal service or customs.

What about returns?

Please refer to the shipping and policy page for returns.

Shipping Costs

Kirk Scuba Gear DOES NOT  believe in “padding” shipping rates to make a profit. Shipping costs are based on the weight and size of your product and are determined by our suppliers. Should you OVERPAY  more than our supplier charges us, we will refund you the difference. On the other hand if you have not paid enough, we will pick up that difference. We add insurance (at our expense) for orders over $100.00.

ONCE YOU REACH THE CHECKOUT AREA OF MY SITE AND YOU QUESTION THE SHIPPING COST, please don’t leave! Carry on with your order, and you will receive a refund for any shipping overcharge, once I process the order with my supplier. Most products over $50 ship FREE for United States customers – this is noted on the products. (Exception:: ScubaMax) When you check-out you are offered this option.


All products are backed and supported by a manufacturer’s warranty, from my suppliers.  This warranty is listed on the product description. And no, we are not a “grey market operation.”

I notice that some products click to another company.

Yes, some of the products you may like to purchase link to another company for completion of check-out. Kirk Scuba Gear is an affiliate/supplier of these particular business’ and competing your order with them is appreciated by KSG. This affiliate linking system allows lets Kirk Scuba Gear to offer more product selection. Any problems or issues with any of these purchases will be handled by that company.  Kirk Scuba Gear appreciates your support of this system.

Is my site verified safe?

Yes, it is. You can order with confidence.

I am looking for a certain product, can you help me?

If there is a specific product that you are looking for, but have not found on our site, please contact us and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations in customer service. You are not billed for a product until we have confirmation that we can get the product you have requested.

If I buy from you, will I have to take my products to a dive shop for assembly?

No, all products are assembled and tested before they are shipped to the customer. We suggest you try out your gear before you leave on that trip – sometimes a dive regulator/octopus will require a small adjustment. Your local dive shop can do this for you.

My local dive shop says that online scuba sites will put them out of business.

No, not necessarily. Kirk Scuba Gear is simply an alternative shopping method for you. I personally use a dive shop, and recommend a local dive shop for certain customer needs. If your local dive shop is properly servicing you and your equipment needs, then you would have no reason to look elsewhere. All I ask is that you give us a chance to prove ourselves, and the rest will be up to you.

Why buy from Kirk Scuba Gear?

Kirk Scuba Gear does not offer any products on this site that we would not purchase ourselves. We believe that shortcuts are for driving directions and computer desktops, not our products. Competitive pricing and special attention to the needs of the customer is our number one policy. You are never up-sold or pressured into buying something that you may not need or cannot afford. Kirk Scuba Gear DOES NOT overcharge for shipping. This is our promise and guarantee. Your questions are answered without a sales pitch. Great customer service, honest, dependability and the positive approach has always been our policy. If you are not 100-per-cent pleased with your purchase, contact us. I do not negotiate pricing or shipping costs. We will, however, offer some deals on ScubaMax products, if you purchase a package (not an advertised ScubaMax package). We are an authorized dealer for these products, and the only Canadian online scuba business to offer ScubaMax.

Three last thoughts:

Online shopping is extremely popular these days. Kirk Scuba Gear recommends to any customer to carefully check other sites’ shipping methods and manufacturer’s warranty on your selections. Your package may be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex (especially from the United States). Once this package is delivered to you, you may encounter extra fees. Tax, as well as other added fees do not make your purchase a bargain. And, without a manufacturer’s warranty, you have no recourse if your product fails. My suppliers support me and stand behind all the products I sell, with their manufacturers warranty, as noted on all the products.

Gauges, regulators and octos require regular maintenance by a dive technician, not only for your safety, but for the manufacturer’s warranty. Should this not be done, the warranty is null and void, as offered from this site.

Amazon is a very popular site for shoppers…make sure you know where your purchase comes from,  for warranty and inquires…your life depends on it.

Please do not send ridiculous emails wanting quotes for an abundance of a certain product and not wanting to use PayPal. This is a “red flag” and will not be acknowledged.

What about Aeris products?:

Aeris and Oceanic have amalgamated, and are now under the banner of Oceanic. All Aeris products advertised on this site are subject to “in stock” from my supplier. Once the stock is depleted, these products will no longer be available.

As of 1st Jan 2015, these products are still available as advertised on Kirk Scuba Gear.

How can I reach you? CLICK HERE to contact us. You will receive a prompt and personal response. You are also welcome to call us at 519-520-7480.

Kathy Dowsett, Kirk Scuba Gear owner and operator and a PADI certified diver.

Kathy Dowsett is also the Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada, an online dive magazine for  Canadian divers.