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Kirk Scuba Gear is online, e-commerce business operated from our home in London, Ontario, Canada. We are not a storefront nor do we carry any stock/inventory. Kirk Scuba Gear works with many suppliers to provide customers with quality/brand name scuba/snorkeling and outdoor gear at reasonable prices. We offer an alternative shopping site for divers/snorkelers and outdoor people, and support dive shops. All products are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty from our suppliers. Kirk Scuba Gear is not a “grey market” business. 

Most scuba gear is not made in Canada, and is shipped from our suppliers located in the United States or overseas. 

We are pleased to offer products from Canadian suppliers such as, Chawel, Glo Rope and Truli wetsuits. These products ship from Canada. All of our other products ship via USPS (air mail) to Canada to eliminate extra charges. (duty associated with FedEx/DHL/UPS shipping from the USA) On the average your purchases take about 2 weeks for delivery (from the USA), depending on the speediness of the postal service. Some purchases received by Canadian shoppers are charged tax (HST) and this will be collected by the post office at delivery. On some smaller/inexpensive items, sometimes, there is no tax charge postal service. Kirk Scuba Gear is not responsible for paying of the tax. USPS charges are based on purchase weight and the size of the box. Scuba tanks are shipped via UPS, because of their weight.

NEW for Southwestern Ontario Shoppers::::If you are willing to drive over the border to Port Huron Michigan, there is “shipping centre” designed for Canadian shoppers making USA based purchases……

SCC Parcel Pickup LLC (2540 Lapeer Rd, Ste W Port Huron, MI 48060,  810-985-7220)

You can order products from Kirk Scuba Gear worth over $50.00, and receive Free Shipping to the above address. Take a day trip, enjoy lunch, and pick up your goods. Please be advised that custom duties may apply depending on the dollar value of your purchase, when you return to Canada. Kirk Scuba Gear is not responsible for this charge.

If you wish to order product(s) and have it (them) delivered to SCC, or elsewhere in the US, please contact me before your complete your order.

Canadians:::::if you have a friend/address/UPS Box in the United States, or are taking a vacation in the U.S., we are happy to ship your purchase there, as MOST products over $50 ship for free within the continental USA. Certain products DO NOT ship for Free in the USA….this is noted on the product. ScubaMax products do not ship for FREE!!  

Questions, concerns, inquiries are always welcome. CLICK HERE to contact me, or call 519-520-7480. Your inquiry will be answered in a timely matter.


Credit card fraudulent activity is ongoing all over the world, and Kirk Scuba Gear uses PAYPAL for the protection of the customer and this business. We do not manually process credit cards outside of PayPal. This is for the protection of Kirk Scuba Gear and you, the customer. We will NOT ship to any address that is not listed on your PayPal. Want your order shipped elsewhere? You must add that address to your PayPal account, before shipping of any goods. This is firm and non negotiable! 

Please do not send emails wanting quotes for an abundance of a certain product and not wanting to use PayPal. This is a “red flag” and will not be acknowledged.


There is a 30-day return policy on all products. Refunds are not accepted for “changing your mind.” For BCDs and wetsuits, please pay close attention to sizing charts provided on our site. Chest measurement is the most important sizing for wetsuits. BCD’s or a wetsuit can be returned if it does not fit. You will receive the wetsuit/BCD price back, but not the shipping cost.  If the product is defective or parts are missing,  you will receive the wetsuit/BCD price back, and the shipping.  (never happened yet, in 10 years of business) We are happy to guide you with sizing but the ultimate decision is yours. Once we receive the returned product, you will receive your refund. Products must be returned with the original tags and literature and not appear to have been in the water. Refunds will not be given if the product appears to have been used, damaged or scratched.

Extra Note about returned goods:::A re-stocking fee is charged to Kirk Scuba Gear if your product is directly returned to one of my suppliers, not to us. This re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund. Kirk Scuba Gear is not responsible for paying this.

Suggestion:::if you do not wish to pay this, then we suggest you sell your purchase to another diver.

Extra Information

Regulators and octos are pressure checked for leaks and assembled before shipping. We suggest you try your new gear before you take that holiday. Sometimes a regulator will require a small adjustment. Any dive shop can do this.

Product specifications, colours, sizes and other options may be changed by manufacturers without advance notice to me. Some “SALE products”,  are clear-outs, once stock is depleted, the product is no longer available. We try to keep current on this situation. The products as described on this site are as accurate as the information I receive. In addition, product availability may change without notice and products may be discontinued without advance notice to Kirk Scuba Gear.

We do not negotiate pricing or shipping costs. We can offer you a discount on ScubaMax products, if you purchase a package. Pre-set packages (ScubaMax) are not included in this offer. We adhere to manufacturers’ advertised pricing (MAP).

Terms and conditions for international purchases

Kirk Scuba Gear thanks you for visiting our site and making a purchase. We guarantee your purchase to be as you ordered (you will be notified for out-of-stock items), double checked and well packaged before shipping. We add insurance for protection at no cost to you.
Your purchase is shipped via USPS, and arrival time cannot be determined by us. Postal services can be slow, and your country’s customs can delay incoming packages. This is out of our control. Any extra charges incurred at time of delivery are the reasonability of the customer. (tax/duty)
Should you need to return your purchase, you are required to pay the return shipping. Your returned packaged will be directed back to our supplier. Re-stocking fees may apply, and are payable by you. Once your goods are received by Kirk Scuba Gear’s supplier you will be refunded your purchase price. 
When you receive your package, and if it appears to have been tampered with, or maybe items stolen, we are not responsible for replacing these items. Contact your local customs or Post Office, to look into this matter.
Depending on the products ordered, (smaller items) shipping in some cases may be cheaper. Kirk Scuba Gear will refund the difference to you.(overpayment on shipping charge at check-out) We do not believe in making a profit from shipping charges.
Kirk Scuba Gear believes in ocean conservation, preservation of coral reefs and underwater life. We also support SOS (Save our Wrecks, Ontario), Diving for the Disabled and Swimming for the Disabled.

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