What Does “BCD” Mean, and What Does a BCD Do?
BCD is an abbreviation for Buoyancy Control Device or Buoyancy Compensating Device. This is a fancy name for the inflating jacket that a diver wears.
3 Main Functions of a BCD in Scuba Diving
1.BCD’s primary function is to help a diver control his buoyancy both underwater and on the surface.
2.The BCD Attaches the Tank to the Diver
3.The BCD Provides Attachment Points for Accessories
Kirk Scuba Gear offers a variety of BCD styles and manufacturers available to fit any diver’s needs. Start by deciding which style of BCD you prefer: vest, back inflation, or back-plate and wings. Next, consider what kind of tanks (and how many) you are likely use. This will affect the amount of lift you will need in the BCD. Consider features like integrated weight pockets, d-ring placement, and accessory pockets.