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Stories from the Blue: Jill Heinerth

Marine debris is one of the major threats to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Plastic trash and other garbage can entangle animals, flatten seagrass habitats, and damage corals. Through Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys, the sanctuary and the National Marine

Accident Analysis and the Birth of Modern Cave Diving

Cave Diving Training in Mexico’s UnderGround river systems How Learning From Our Mistakes Has Made Cave Diving Safer Although cave diving has become increasingly popular over the last decade, it is still considered exceptionally risky by many divers.

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Jill’s Journey for “We are Water”

Originally published 7 July 2012 @ Scuba Scoop When Jill Heinerth isn’t cave diving, she’s submerged in the issue of water. Water quality, quantity, access and overuse are all critical matters for her. “All that we have wrought upon our

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