Can I Snorkel? What’s the Difference Between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving?

Snorkeling Basics for Novices Have you even looked below the surface of the ocean? You might be surprised at what you find! In tropical locations, the oceans are home to thriving coral reefs and colorful fish. In colder climates, snorkelers

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Mixing sun, sand, sailing, scuba helps travel agent serve divers

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop 7th June 2014 As a travel agent and a diver with about 10,000 dives under his belt, Bryan Cunningham knows the scuba travel business well. But he also knows it is an industry that is

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No thanks, no tanks, I’m snubling

Snubling Originally Posted @ Scuba Scoop on July 18, 2010   Snuba, a sport that serves as an introduction to scuba diving, gets its name from combining the words “snorkel” and “scuba.” Instead of wearing air tanks on

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Diving in helmet first . . . oops, helmet last

Originally Published @ Scuba Scoop January 10, 2010   Helmet Diving in the Caribbean Football players wear them. So do people competing in hockey, baseball, cycling and a myriad of other sports. But divers wearing helmets? And being

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