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Scuba Diving in Tobermory – Historic Shipwrecks in Clear Water

Shipwrecks invoke a sense of nostalgia. After my wreck dives in Tobermory, Canada, I stood on the deck of the dive boat and watched the rocky, pine-covered shoreline fly past. The captains of the sunken vessels I had just visited

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Titanic Waters: Exploring the Shipwrecks, Mines, and Cold Water Diving of Newfoundland

A shoe found on the Wreck of PLM 27 “You’re going where? What’s there?” And so it went, from one person to another, no one could understand why we wanted to dive in Newfoundland. After all, you can’t

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Scuba Diving in Canada

Originally published 23 July 2013 @ Scuba Scoop There are a multitude of Canadian scuba diving destinations that will enthrall divers with their beauty. From the Pacific Ocean waters off the British Columbia coast to the shipwrecks of the Great

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