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Which sunscreens are safe for sea life?

Its all a minefield trying to buy a sunscreen which doesn’t harm the sea life. Even those trumpeting their green credentials are not always free from harmful chemicals and components. You have to read the label very carefully. So what are

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DiveBooker:::Easily book your diving/scuba trip online

Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to be associated with DiveBooker, a global marketplace for booking diving packages and courses online. By using a linking process, you are taken to DiveBooker. Kirk Scuba Gear appreciates your support. With Kirk Scuba

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Machine Guns in Paradise – Sipadan Diving

Reprinted with permission from Tank's Travels Some of the 120 daily divers arrive. We left our resort at 6:00 am to get in the water and diving by 7:00 am. Wasn’t sure what to make of the scowling

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Top Diving Sites in Vietnam

Top Diving Sites in Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam is truly a paradise for divers and non-divers alike. Vietnam has an incredibly rich culture, delicious national dishes, friendly locals and unmatched natural beauty. Diving in Vietnam is possible all year

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Port Royal, Jamaica :: “The City that Sank”

Diving in Port Royal, Jamaica Port Royal, Jamaica, commonly referred to as "the wickedest city on earth" conjures images of marauding pirates, daring naval conquests, looting, riches, destruction and devastation. It boats an intriguing and turbulent history as

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Diving in Costa Rica

A Costa Rico Underwater Beauty Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is a prime ecotourism destination and boasts some of the world’s most biologically diverse habitats –

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Scuba Diving During a Cruise Vacation

Cruise Ship in Caribbean Say you want to scuba dive but your significant other is not a diver and would rather do other activities like shopping. If you both decided to go on a Caribbean cruise vacation, is

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Cenote Scuba Diving :: Mexico

By guest blogger: Chris Alstrand One of the things Lesley and I were most anticipating when we were preparing for our recent trip to Mexico was a chance to dive in cenotes. Cenotes are openings to underground rivers with caves, rooms, and

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Scuba Diving::Bruce Peninsula (Tobermory)

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop on April 28, 2011. Caroline Rose schooner::::Bruce Peninsula National Marine Park @ Tobermory The Great Lakes, due to their size and nasty winter storms, house a good number of unfortunate ships in their

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Scuba Diving Travel – What You Should Pack

Originally published @ Scuba Scoop December 26, 2010 Dive Travel Coming up with your packing list for your next big dive trip (or maybe even not so big) can be a big challenge. Whenever pulling together scuba diving

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